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This website is devoted to the history of Big Carriboo Island, now known as Caribou Island.  The island lies in Northumberland Strait in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, at latitude 45º 45.21' North and longitude 62º 43.26' West.  It is part of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.  What accounts for the "Carriboo" spelling you ask?  The answer was not clear in 1877, when an early Pictou historian wrote:  "Such is the spelling now commonly adopted, though the name of the animal is generally spelled Caribou."  See A History of the County of Pictou Nova Scotia, by the Rev. George Patterson, D.D.  (1877), page 11.  The quaint "Carriboo" persisted into the 1960s.   

The website is a work in progress.  The author seeks information concerning the history of the island and its people.  Click here to leave him a  message:  Contact Author  

Carriboo Island Census Data 1817-1911

Carriboo Island Cemetery

Carriboo Island Land Transactions 1809-1915  Updated March 7, 2006

Crown Land Grants for Carriboo Island 1810-1873
   New as of June 4, 2006

Maps and Views of Carriboo Island

Old Photographs of Carriboo Island

New Photographs of Caribou Island

Artwork Associated with Caribou Island

A Brief History of the Stonehouse McKenzie Family

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